In one year I went from being fearful, constrained, and overweight to fearless, focused, and fit.

From to Dr. Oz what many people want to know is how did I do it?

To understand how I did it, you’ve got to understand what I’ve been through.

I wasn’t supposed to have any problems.  I was a Yale graduate, a Doctoral student at Johns Hopkins, I had a six-figure corporate job, and I was married to the love of my life.

Then one day, I looked up and realized all the things that were “supposed” to make me happy weren’t.

Instead, I was trying to fit inside of the frame of what society said should make me happy. But enlightenment isn’t always easy – I felt stuck, frustrated,  and sad – and instead of turning my realization into a game plan, I started over eating.

Several months later I was getting divorced!

Then suddenly my desire to create the perfect picture was falling apart.

After the tears, the most astonishing thing happened.  I realized I was free, I didn’t have to live the lie, I didn’t have to be what society said I was supposed to be.  Everything around me was being torn down anyway; so I took out the hammer and joined in on the demolition. I tore myself completely down and so that I could I build myself back up on a new foundation.

That is where the journey began. The transformation took about a year but it has made me free for the rest of my life.

What are you willing to give to be free?

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Free.